Bulgari Lady - Il Giardino Marino di Bvlgari

Il Giardino Marino di Bvlgari is a fresh take on these earlier botanical and zoological themes. Put simply, it is a wristwatch that achieves the remarkable feat of combining the art of miniature painting – a much valued technique that dates back to the golden age of the Renaissance artists – with the perfection of haute jewellery, which is the signature of Bvlgari’s master artisans, and the precision of Swiss fine watchmaking.


In a similar way, Il Giardino Marino di Bvlgari dives into a maritime dream world in which the silent watery landscape finds its rhythm in the harmonious oscillations of a tourbillon movement whose technical sophistication is matched only by its pristine beauty.


There will only be 50 of each version, rendering the watch a token of true exclusivity.