Limelight Aura

Certain people are bathed in an almost surreal halo of light. It's as if they were lit up from within; they radiate an aura! Only a jeweller such as Piaget could capture and interpret the mystery of this aura through its artistic masterpieces.


Incredibely fine 1/100th of a millimetre precision was required to transform the blazing diamonds into a luminous marquetry-work motif that pushes back the limits of traditional expertise. Embodying a match between natural radiance and inner beauty, these watch gems house a mechanical movement created by the Manufacture Piaget. A true couple offer.


The creation of these exceptional watches requires close collaboration between four types of master craftsmen in our Manufacture: watchmakers, jewellers, cutters and gem setters. The diamonds are meticulously selected, before being individually cut by hand according to the position they must occupy on the watch. Finally, these precious gems are set with extreme precision. These exceptional creations require no less than 150 hours of gem-setting.